Careers in Management

As a manager you typically sit inside a corporation using your leadership skills to get people to work for the companies goals. With your big picture view of the company's direction you will delegate tasks to individuals in order to complete the assignment. You will use your communication skills to keep morale and efficiency high.

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Example Careers

Project Management

Are you good at group leadership? Your responsibilities will be planning, organizing, and managing your group's resources to successfully complete your project or task. Your main challenges will be time constraints, and budgetary limitations.

Management Consulting

Do you have an analytical mind-set? If so, you can use your experience in management and help other organizations improve their performance by optimizing their business.

Event Planning

Are you inclined in creating a structured plan? In event planning you will plan everything from small weddings to major concerts. You will work directly with clients and turn their ideas into reality. You will work with both time and budget constraints while demanding for high communication and organizational skills in this fast paced career.

Small Business

Do you have an entrepreneurial mentality? A managerial degree can help you become your own manager by starting up and running your own business. You will be able to coordinate operations and learn what it takes to become competitive in the marketplace to the point of representing your business to potential investors.

Examples of Past Hires