Mission Statement

Our Mission

The mission of the Department of Management at Western Washington University is to advance the understanding of managerial issues in a complex environment. We do this to challenge students and faculty to achieve their professional aspirations and civic responsibilities. To accomplish this we develop an environment where students and faculty learn, integrate, and apply business principles and liberal arts.

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Higher level learning

We value learning that integrates a variety of disciplines, perspectives, and ideas. Such learning occurs on more than a rudimentary basis. We promote intellectual rigor, lifelong learning, and critical thinking. We do this both in our own research and in our teaching. We engage in service for our professional areas to promote higher level learning throughout our disciplinary communities.

Civic and community engagement.

We are committed to giving our students an understanding of what it means to be a citizen of the world, community and organization. We want students to understand the importance of being engaged in the world for the sake of the organization they are a part of, but also for the benefit of the world in general, as well as for themselves. We model our commitment to civic and community engagement by serving our college and university in various roles. We also engage in service with the local community and the disciplinary communities we participate in as part of our profession.


By this we mean that we have respectful relationships with each other, we are open to feedback, and we communicate fully and truthfully with one another. We are interdisciplinary in our approach to research and teaching, and support each other in our own passionate pursuits. We are committed to service to our department, college and university so as to promote collegiality throughout our WWU system.


Professionalism is defined as presenting ourselves in a business-like manner in attire, speech, communication, and interpersonal relationships. We model professionalism and teach professionalism. We are professional with each other, our students, and community members who participate in our environment of teaching and learning. We provide our students with opportunities to practice professionalism in our classes and out in the community. We give feedback to our students in professional and ethical practice. We are professional in our service to the department, college, university and community.