Management Internships

Internships can be rewarding in many ways even if they are not directly paid. As it is becoming harder and harder to apply to a job with just a college degree in this competitive economy, most companies are now looking for people with real world experience. This needed experience can be gained through working as an intern in one of many regional companies.

By fostering these relationships you gain valuable industry connections and possibly even a job offer after graduation.

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Internship Policy & Procedure


To apply for a Management Internship (MGMT 490), you must meet the following criteria:

  • Have been accepted as a CBE Major *
  • Have a 2.80 or better GPA in the Major
  • Have completed MGMT 313 (Teamwork Basics) **

* Preference will be given to Students concentrating in Management.

** Note: Additional preparation or prerequisites may be required for some internships. For example, a student planning an internship involving detailed project management may be required to complete OPS 461 “Project Management” prior to beginning the internship.

Resources to Help You Find an Internship

Internship Information and Policy:

You can find more information on internships and a list of current Management internships on Professor Kristi Tyran's internship page.

Upon completion of your internship, you are expected to submit a report to the advisor (with a second copy for the coordinator) which describes the specific accomplishments and experiences which resulted from the internship and the manner in which these outcomes enhanced the student's educational objectives. Also to be included in the report shall be a letter from the student's immediate supervisor evaluating the student's performance.