Business & Sustainability

The State of Washington is a leader in responding to the societal imperative regarding environmental issues. This Bachelor of Arts degree in Business and Sustainability is an action component of the state's initiatives.

This degree combines three areas of study that give graduates the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities to operate in a changing economic and social environment.

The Business & Sustainability Major is also offered at our Poulsbo Campus.

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By meeting with your faculty advisor and creating a plan of study this will allow you to finish your degree in a more timely manner. For help with planning your courses, please see your faculty advisor.

Please note: CBE has implemented priority application deadlines for all majors and minors excluding MSCM and Economics. However applications are accepted anytime.

Graduates from this program will possess:

  • A fundamental knowledge of economics, giving them the skills to apply economic analysis to problems in sustainable business faced by modern organizations.
  • A fundamental knowledge of environmental science and policy, giving them the ability to understand the social and political climate as well as the scientific issues involved in sustainable business.
  • An extensive knowledge of business and management in the context of business sustainability, giving them the basic skills needed to succeed in organizations.

    We also offer a Business and Sustainability degree with an Energy Studies concentration.

Energy Studies Concentration

The transition to a more sustainable energy system is a key to reconciling our economic and environmental aspirations. Western graduates are finding growing opportunities in the emerging energy economy in Washington and beyond. Today’s diverse energy business demands knowledge of core business skills, understanding of energy policy and management, and broad exposure to the science, environmental, business and policy aspects of the energy system that drive energy-related businesses and their governing policies. The energy concentration in the Business and Sustainability major gives graduates a strong blend of analytic and communication skills, along with energy-related expertise that industry and government experts have identified as essential to workforce needs in the emerging energy economy.

How to Declare

Admission to programs in the College of Business and Economics (CBE) is selective and based upon prior academic performance and other evidence of high promise. For admission to CBE as a Business and Sustainability Major with pre-major  or full major status, students must have completed the following requirements:

  • Confirmed admission to Western Washington University
  • Achieved a 2.5 cumulative college GPA (including transfer work)
  • Achieved a Western cumulative GPA (if any courses have been completed at Western) of 2.50 or higher
  • Completion of the foundation courses is not required to declare this major
  • Complete the application form

Planning Sheets

Business & Sustainability Planning Sheet

Energy Studies Planning Sheet

Major Evaluation Request Forms

Business & Sustainability Major Evaluation

Energy Studies Major Evaluation

Applying for Graduation

When you get close to graduation you will need to submit one of the Major Evaluation Request forms above, depending on your major, to the Management Department Manager.

Meeting with your faculty advisor can be helpful but is not necessary before you submit the Major Evaluation Request form to the department to complete your Major Evaluation for graduation.  The Department of Management, not your advisor, approves your Major Evaluation needed to graduate.  However reach out to your faculty advisor if you need assistance planning your remaining quarters.

After the department reviews and completes your Major Evaluation it will be emailed to you to turn in electronically with your Degree Application that can be found on the Registrar's website. Please keep in mind during busy times it may take up to 10 working days for Major Evaluations to be completed.  

You then submit it, and the required Degree Application Form to the Registrar's office and they will bill your student account for the required application fee.


Dr. Craig Dunn 
Faculty Advisor 
Phone: 360-650-2078  

Cristina Nelson
Academic Department Manager
Department of Management 
Parks Hall 351 
Phone: 360-650-2902