MBA Overview

The Western Washington University’s College of Business and Economics MBA emphasizes interdisciplinary, enterprise management and prepares students to serve as nimble and adaptive leaders in a dynamic, changing, and interconnected business environment. The WWU MBA is offered in three unique platforms: Daytime, Evening and Weekend.

Technical, managerial, and leadership curricula combine with a startup, growth, and pivot-focused capstone to build a comprehensive foundation to accelerate your career. Our graduates are capable, hardworking, resilient, holistic drivers of business progress and value.

Why an MBA?

The professional benefits of an MBA are widely known: wage and positional mobility, the development of tactical competencies that improve performance and develop leadership capabilities, and the network benefit that comes from the cohort experience. In addition to the career benefit of the degree it is important to consider additional lasting personal benefit that an MBA affords:

  • Greater ability to make decisions and craft a self-directed, chosen, meaningful career
  • Higher lifetime earnings which is a key driver for overall personal well-being
  • Financial literacy throughout the range of financial decisions an individual will make over a lifetime

Why an MBA at Western Washington University?

The U.S. News & World Report names us the Best Value College and the #2 Best Public School in the West—for good reason! Master's in Business Administration graduates who enter our program immediately after completing their undergraduate studies earn 10% to 60% more than those who enter the job market with only a bachelor's degree in Business Administration.  

The MBA program at WWU costs $27,000*. Which is, on average, one-third less than that of other 2-year MBA programs in the region, making our program more financially accessible to a wider-variety of individuals.

*Precise information regarding tuition and fees can be found on the Student Business Office site at WWU.

In addition to the primary resources offered by the MBA program, including dedicated career services personnel, the College of Business and Economics (CBE) and the larger WWU campus provide a range of services for everyone. We encourage you to explore these resources, as they can significantly and positively enhance your experience as a WWU MBA student.

About The College of Business & Economics

CBE faculty approach business in a way that will benefit people, the planet, and profits. Students develop people and analytical skills with an emphasis on sustainability. CBE’s programs are accredited by AACSB, assuring students, parents, and organizations that the College provides a quality education led by faculty who are experts in their fields.

Life at Western is about ambition, passion, problem-solving, and world-changing—it’s about turning ripples into waves with the help of expert faculty, invested classmates, and a community that looks together toward a brighter future.

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“As the third largest university in the state, we offer a rich and diverse learning environment. Our size allows us to provide a wide array of resources, opportunities, and a network that will be invaluable to your academic and professional journey. And if that is not enough, our college is nestled in the breathtaking beauty of the Pacific Northwest. The natural beauty surrounding us is a constant reminder of the importance of balance in life and learning, and it contributes to a holistic educational experience.”

Deanna Kennedy
Dean, College of Business and Economics

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