Virtual Mentor

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In virtual mentoring, a businessperson who is a friend or alumni of Western interacts with one to three students in the context of a course and course assignments via the internet. While the specifics of the assignments differ, the format across the courses is similar. Students introduce themselves to their mentor by exchanging a biography via e-mail early in the term. After that, the student contacts the mentor three or four times during the term (again via e-mail) with questions regarding content from the class.

Objective of Virtual Mentor Program

For each student contact, the mentor responds and engages in an e-mail conversation with the student about the topic using his or her experience and expertise to guide, challenge and support the student. Mentors are asked to respond to the student's questions within six days so the student can successfully complete the assignment associated with each topic.

Purpose of the Virtual Mentoring Program

  • To help students bridge the gap between the theoretical and the practical aspects of their education in business and economics.
  • To create opportunities for students to develop relationships with executives who can provide direction to them that will enable them to be more successful as professionals and as individuals in their community.
  • To support the educational component of the students experience as it is embedded in coursework required for completion of the degree.

Volunteering to be a Virtual Mentor

Students from at least three academic programs will be in need of virtual mentors every academic year. These students will be enrolled in professional courses primarily in management and leadership, where they will be addressing broad issues in business: 

To inquire about this program contact Dr. Kristi Tyran.