Economic Forecaster

The Puget Sound Economic Forecaster logo, with Doppler radar over a mountain

The Center for Economic and Business Research publishes the Puget Sound Economic Forecaster each quarter as an online economic report and accompanying podcast. We also release PDF updates each month. The forecaster began 28 years ago by Conway Pedersen Economics, and with their retirement in 2017, was entrusted to our Center.  We have expanded the Forecaster in both content and voices but maintained the highly reliable modeling that is the backbone of the report.

Our region's economy is complex with relationships that span the state and beyond our borders in all directions.  In our economic forecast talks, which we give in different parts of the state, we often compare the forecast for the Seattle metro area and different regions. We have continued with that robust approach within the Forecaster by including a state-wide forecast each quarter (in fact, it is the official state forecast) and guest columns regarding state-wide employment or other topics.  

Understanding the economic implications is critical to decision making.  Understanding how the regions interact with each other is important as well.  We hope you will join us by subscribing to this important publication.

Subscriptions are available as print only or print and web access.  Web access includes complete access to the entire collection of prior Forecaster editions, downloadable data tables and monthly updates.