Summer @ CBE

  Stay on Track               Get Ahead             Summer @ CBE 

Make summer part of your strategy.

Whether you are staying in Bellingham or going home, there are a variety of summer courses offered by the College of Business and Economics available to help you stay on track and get ahead. Summer session in-person courses often have smaller class sizes and can be a great learning environment for students. 

Please review the college's offerings and register. Registration opens May 7th.  

Summer 2019 Class Schedule

How much does summer session cost?

Summer session may not cost as much as you think. See for yourself using WWU's yearly tuition with summer tuition guidelines. 

Summer Financial Aid - The Summer Financial Aid Application is available in mid April via your Web4U portal. Apply Now. 

Are you a Veteran? Financial aid for veterans often covers summer session courses. Please check with WWU's Veteran Services to see if your financial aid covers summer courses. 

Click Here for More Information on Summer Session