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The CBE Scholarship application period for 2017-18 is now closed. Students who were awarded scholarships have received notification. CBE awarded $174,950 in scholarship awards this year. Scholarship applications will open the first day of winter quarter 2018 for the 2018-19 academic year. Don't forget to apply!

Who are General CBE Scholarships for?

Any CBE pre-major or major who meets an individual scholarship's criteria. Scholarship criteria for general CBE scholarships vary. Students who apply for general CBE scholarships will be considered for all scholarships for which they meet the criteria.

To apply for the CBE General Scholarship please complete this application.

CBE General Scholarship

Who is the Dr. Steve Globerman International Academic Scholarship for?

CBE students who plan to have an international scholastic experience abroad, including but not limited to: attending an international educational conference or studying abroad at an accredited academic institution.

To apply for the Dr. Steve Globerman International Academic Scholarship please complete this application.

Dr. Steve Globerman International Academic Scholarship

Who is the International Business Study Abroad Scholarship for?

International Business Students who plan to study abroad.

To apply for the International Business Study Abroad Scholarship please complete this application.

International Business Study Abroad Scholarship

For MBA scholarships, please visit the MBA scholarship page.