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Registration & Waitlist

Finding Courses, Registration & Waitlist

Available courses for students to take are listed on WWU's online ClassFinder. You can search by quarter terms, subjects and/or by instructor's name. Once you've decided what classes you'd like to take, follow the directions below for registering or waitlisting (if the class is already full).


Registration for each quarter is conducted in three phases using Web4U:

  • Phase I - A period of two to four weeks reserved for continuing and returning students. See the Registration Schedule for specific registration day/time.
  • A maximum of 17 credits is allowed during Phase I. If additional credits are needed, students may increase up to 20 credits during Phase II. However, exceeding 18 credits will result in additional tuition charges.
  • Phase II - A period before the start of classes when students can change their schedules. In Winter and Spring quarters, new students register the day before classes begin. 
  • Phase III - First five days of the quarter during which students can register or change their schedule without penalty (see Important Dates and Deadlines). Online registration ends at 5pm at the end of Phase III.

If you experience difficulties registering via the web, make note of the point at which the problem occurs and the error message you are given and contact the Registrar's Office at (360)650-3432 for assistance.

You are responsible for your conduct on the web registration system. Students who tamper or attempt to tamper with the registration records of another student, including but not limited to dropping or adding courses and improper use of overrides, may be subject to disciplinary action.

How The Waitlist Works

Available During Phase I-III of Registration for Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarters

CBE Department Administration reserves the right to manage 
WWU Web4U waitlists for CBE courses.

Primary criteria for Waitlist decisions for CBE Courses:

  • Number of credits completed
  • Proximity to graduation based on a submitted Major Evaluation
  • Declared Major or Concentration, especially when course is a prerequisite for others in the curriculum (e.g., FIN 341 for Finance majors)
  • Enrollment in the course for the first time
  • Special Cases (e.g., international exchange students and graduate students)

During Phase I-III Registration:

  • If the class is filled, put yourself on the WWU Web4U waitlist in the Web4U registration system. If you are then granted permission to register for the class, a notification will be sent to your WWU email address.
  • If you cannot register for the course or get on the WWU Web4U waitlist, contact the main office of the department that teaches the class (not individual instructors).
  • IMPORTANT: For consideration of special circumstances, you must contact your Academic Program Manager as early as possible, as Registration override permissions are centrally managed by the departments. 

Please do not contact individual instructors.