Joe Garcia

Emeritus Professor


Joseph E. Garcia, Ph.D., University of Utah in Organizational and Social Psychology is currently the Director of the Morse Leadership Institute at WWU and on leave from the Department of Management.

His career focus is on building healthy communities in organizations, with publications spanning topics of diversity, managerial skills, management education, leadership, group support systems, and change management with information technology. He is a member of the Academy of Management, the Organizational Behavior Teaching Society, the Management Faculty of Color Association, the Academy of Business Educators and the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology and currently serves as member of the Editorial Board for the Journal of Management Education, the Academy of Management Learning and Education Journal, and the Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies.

Dr. Garcia's honors include receiving the Organizational Behavior Teaching Society's Peter J. Frost Excellence in Mentoring Award, the Western Washington University Diversity Achievement Award, the Western Washington University Foundation Board of Directors Campus Volunteer of the Year, the Organizational Behavior Teaching Society Distinguished Service Award, and the Academy of Management's Organizational Behavior Division Exceptional Leadership and Service Award, and the Washington Latino Business Association's Leadership Award.