Navigating a New World: Career Readiness with Digital Solutions

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Navigating a New World: Career Readiness with Digital Solutions




Online and On Demand

Mix and match to your preference throughout the course

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General Public $400

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July 6 – July 22

1pm – 4pm

And on-demand


Complete the program by August 31st using the on-demand content


As we emerge from the global COVID-19 pandemic the employment landscape is both promising and changed from the pre-pandemic timeline.  This course is designed for the recent graduate to gain a strategic advantage as they enter the workforce or begin to consider how to position themselves for further advancement.

We designed this program for easy access to world-class training.  Watch the course live or on your own schedule with up to two months to complete the materials.  Work/life balance is important and through this program you can maintain that balance while also exposing you to education that may lead to your next opprotunity.

World-class is not just a catch phrase for us!  Unlike many programs that are offered in similar formats ours is led by senior Western faculty and other subject experts.  This is the same expertise that leads graduate programs and upper division courses on campus. 

If you are a recent WWU graduate, do we have a deal for you!  If you graduated in Fall 2020, Winter 2021 or Spring 2021 attend at no cost! 


Important notes:

  1. Modules will vary in how they are delivered to maximize the instruction offered.  Some may be offered live (synchronous) while others may be offered only as on-demand (asynchronous).  Faculty have provided notes within the modules below regarding how their session will be offered to maximize your benefit.
  2. All sessions will be available on-demand until August 31, 2021.




Professional Communications

Communications takes strategy.  In this module we will cover:

  • Engaging personal presentation by video
  • Tools for effective business communications
  • Selecting your tools – should you call, email or text?

Trista Truemper

Personal Success

This module provides insights, advice and resources to help you develop key skills:

  • Networking
  • Leveraging Social Media
  • Interview Tips & Tricks
  • Negotiating Your Role

Effie Eisses

Long Term Planning

In this module we will explore core decision points in your career.

  • Identifying and negotiating a professional development plan
  • Deciding when and if a return to school makes sense
  • The art of managing up
  • How to create and manage your professional relationship long-term

Kati Johnson


Mindy Pelton

Marketing in a Digital World

Digital tools allow marketers to grow their brands and track the effectiveness of their efforts. This fast-paced session will cover web analytics, content and social media marketing, search engine optimization and email marketing. Upon completion of the session, students will have the knowledge and ability to successfully implement core digital marketing concepts.

Mark Staton

Data Analytics for the Future Marketplace

Data has become too valuable to ignore. Today’s business manager must therefore be mindful of how to leverage, analyze, and discuss data so that decision making and performance can be improved. This course provides students with an overview of data analytics and with a foundational understanding of the value of data for business managers. Students will also learn how to visualize data using a common data visualization tool.

This module will be offered as multiple asynchronous sessions with assignments in between.

Chris Califf

Financial Literacy and Planning for Recent Graduates

Whether you are a recent graduate or serve as a mentor to employees in this phase of life you will leave this session with the tools needed to help make decisions that create the base of a lifetime of financial success.  You will learn the 12 million-dollar decisions guaranteed to change your financial future. If you’re a recent graduate this session will help make sure you don’t make the mistakes that can create huge obstacles to meeting your long term financial goals.  If you are the mentor this information can help create more stable employees that will have increased performance and greater peace of mind.”

Paul Merriman