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The Entrepreneurial Studies courses include two main courses, MGMT 491 and MGMT 492. Through these courses, students learn what it means to start and run a small business. The students then apply what they have learned by consulting with a real business client. Student teams evaluate local businesses, focusing on specific issues determined by the business owner. At the end of the ten-week period, students provide the owner with a comprehensive report describing the issues, factors involving the issues, and offering suggestions.


Why Entrepreneurial Studies?

The Entrepreneurial Studies focus provides students with an alternative capstone for their bachelor in Business Administration. The courses provide hands on experience working with live business clients in a consultative role. Students considering starting their own business or going into small business should consider the Business Administration-Management Concentration coupled with the Entrepreneurial Studies courses. This allows students to emphasize small business in their Bachelor of Business Administration.



Management 491: the gateway course into the Entrepreneurial Studies, serves as an opportunity for students to gain an appreciation and understanding of what it takes to successfully envision, create, launch, maintain, operate, lead and grow an enterprise or business.

  • The three "legs of Entrepreneurship" are vision, strategy and leadership. Concurrent with the three legs are a series of issues that involve the following: entrepreneurial risk and reward, ethics and values, legal and regulatory matters, environmental issues that impact community based businesses, social and political issues at the local, state, national and global levels.
  • In addition, technological impacts and ever shifting demographic trends that offers cultural diversity from the Human Resource perspective and potential customer/client perspective as well will be analyzed.
  • (Prerequisites: MGMT 311, FIN 341, MIS 320 or ACCT 321, MKTG 380, OPS 360)

Management 492: is a course designed to provide senior level students the opportunity to consult with an established business or local non-profit organization. Local business owners and non-profit executive directors have volunteered to host students from the College of Business & Economics. We are grateful for the interest and enthusiasm shown by our host clients.

  • The principle of the business or the director of the non-profit will present the Student Consulting Team (SCT) with an opportunity or challenge that the organization is currently dealing with. The SCT will analyze the issue(s), confer among team members and with the instructor who will act as the Senior Consultant (SC).
  • The end result of the SCT's efforts will be a comprehensive written report and a team presentation of their conclusions; analysis, recommendations, implementation strategies and feedback methodology designed to monitor recommended goal achievements.
  • The written report will be presented to the principles or their representatives who will be present to listen to an oral presentation that will be conducted by the SCT. The presentations will take place at Western Washington University, the host/client facility or an appropriate off-site location that is mutually satisfactory to all concerned.
  • The focus of Management 492 is to provide senior level students the opportunity to apply academic knowledge to practical real life situations. The course thus is a practicum or action based learning experience, which is a student focused learning exercise as opposed to an instructor centric teaching exercise. 492 is also a writing intensive course and requires 491 be taken as a condition for entry into the course.



By letting our trained students show you ways to improve your business, you will be helping them gain experience while helping your business improve its bottom line.

You have nothing to lose!

  • Your business will receive valuable research and recommendations on issues of your choice.
  • The service is entirely free and confidential.
  • You will help students gain valuable experience while benefiting from their academic insights.
  • Your business will receive helpful suggestions which may improve your bottom line!

"Experience Required" gives students nightmares as they prepare for graduation. With your help we can give students the experience they need.

Volunteer your business for Western Washington University's Entrepreneurial Studies Courses and help seniors and graduate students get a taste for the "real business world."

Previous Host Businesses:

  • Whatcom Day Academy
  • Bromley's Market
  • Brambleberry
  • Dutch Mothers and Lynden Dutch Bakery
  • Bakerview Nursery
  • Bay City Ice Cream
  • Innovations Stoves & Spas
  • Bellingham Athletic Club
  • Country Spas
  • Cookie Café
  • Pacific Rim 2002
  • And other Whatcom County small businesses and non-profit organizations



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