Sigma Iota Epsilon

What is SIE?

Sigma Iota Epsilon (SIE) is a national honor society. The WWU chapter recognized the top students in International Business, Management, Business Administration and Business and Sustainability at Western Washington University. WWU was chartered as the Zeta Tau chapter on October 1, 2004, and remained the only chapter in Washington state until its conclusion in 2016. The first induction ceremony was held February 24, 2005, in which twenty-one students became the first to be recognized.


The National Honorary and Professional Management Fraternity


The purpose of Sigma Iota Epsilon is twofold:

  • To encourage and recognize scholastic excellence
  • To promote cooperation between the academic and practical aspects of management


  • To stimulate interest and achievement in the field of management
  • To stimulate scholarship in management
  • To facilitate contacts between students and practicing managers
  • To recognize persons who have made contributions to the field of management
  • To gain recognition of the contribution and value of scholastic achievement in the management discipline


  • 3.25 Western Washington University GPA
  • 45 credit hours completed at Western Washington University
  • One management class completed with a 'B' grade or better (MGMT 271 is your first opportunity, MGMT 311 is your second.)
  • Declared major with a concentration in Human Resources Management, International Business, Management, or Business Administration (General).
  • Enrollment in one additional management class (i.e., MGMT 311, for those with a 'B' in MGMT 271; MGMT 313, 322, or 370 for those who earned a 'B' in MGMT 311; another class for those who have a later MGMT class as their first 'B' or better)