Inducted Classes and Distinguished Executives

Inducted Classes

Distinguished Executives

CBE alumni are considered annually for selection as a Distinguished Executive. Recognition is based on successful careers and actions that serve as a role model for current students. As part of the recognition, Distinguished Executives are inducted as Professional Members of SIE.



Scott Howell Scott Howell

(WWU Class of 1977)
CEO, Northern Industrial
Ron Bundy Ron Bundy

(WWU Class of 1989)
CEO, Russell Index Group, Russell Investments



Mark Nelson Mark Nelson
(WWU Class of 1973 & 1981)
Executive Vice President & COO, Columbia Bank
Scot Studebaker Scot Studebaker

(WWU Class of 1990)
Partner, Ernst and Young



Steve Staves Steve Staves 

President of International Development Markets Division at Duracell
HOG II Horst-Otto Gerberding

(WWU Class of 1979)
President of Drago Invest GmbH & Co. KG



Nick Kaiser Nick Kaiser 

Director and President, Saturna Capital
Art Stavig Art Stavig




Murray L. Dow, II Murray L. Dow, II 
(WWU Class of 1970)
President, The Dow Hotel Company
Jean Carter Jean Carter 
(WWU Class of 1979)
Former Managing Director of Russell Investment Group



Laury Evans Laury Evans 
(WWU Class of 1969)
Chairman and CEO of Horizon Bank
David Mann David Mann 
(WWU Class of 1979)
Former CEO of Immunex



Rick Anderson Rick Anderson 
(WWU Class of 1973)
CEO and Chairman of Moss Adams, LLP
Chase Franklin Chase Franklin 
(WWU Class of 1984)
CEO and Founder of