Branding, Style, Marketing Information and Guidelines

These guidelines are intended for use by individuals and groups within the College of Business and Economics (CBE). This includes all departments, degree programs, centers, clubs, associations, or other entities.  The guidelines are intended to support and adhere to the Western Washington University Brand Standards and all guidance from the University Communications Office.


Branding Principles

The concept of “branding” essentially means defining the “identity of the organization” for all audiences.  The marketing part of branding is how the brand perception is communicated,   Since CBE is a college within Western Washington University, CBE brand identify falls under the umbrella of the Western brand.

CBE guidelines are central to the communication and marketing strategies of the college and must adhere to and reflect the Western Brand Standards   Within the CBE guidelines there is latitude to not only support and reflect the university brand, but to differentiate the College of Business and Economics.

The brand concept for Western was developed based upon focus group feedback and strategic values and activities.  CBE’s positioning, which was also developed in part from focus group feedback, describes how CBE defines itself in the minds of its various stakeholders. The current home page of CBE at reflects the college’s identity.

The boldly outlined photo images on the CBE home page help to convey that we are about people – students, teachers, staff, and business professionals. We are not your typical suit wearing, stuffy business school.  As a group of CBE students noted, we don’t have a fancy or architecturally noteworthy building.  It’s kind of “medium” and pretty “boring” in appearance.  We don’t spend lavishly on things, but put a high value on people, particularly students and the engagement of students with faculty, staff and business professionals.  Interaction with teachers is very meaningful, students become part of a community, and they are not just a number nor a body in a large lecture hall.   High quality faculty are valued, particularly for their abilities to teach and interact with students well. Faculty are available and supportive. There are some excellent special degree programs. Opportunities for students to get involved with team projects, get into club activities, and build relationships abound in CBE.  It’s the people in CBE (students, faculty, staff and friends in the greater business community) that make it special.

A key component of the CBE brand identity is people.  As a guideline, try to use pictures from the picture gallery on the “J” drive under College Marketing which can be accessed by the Assistant to the Associate Dean. These were taken in 2016, have the white background and have signed releases on file. Use the black border around photos in order to keep the look reflective of this core look.  The blues on the front of the CBE web page are all shades from the Western Brand Style Guide.  Pantone and web use formulas for colors and tints are on page 13 of the guide. Use the photos sparingly to insure that the overall look of communication pieces is clean and has a fair amount “white space” in order for the look to be clean and crisp looking.

Branding is not about a logo although we have one for CBE which is covered in this document and needs to be used in a consistent manner. Logos are a reflection of the brand identity.

However, the idea is to have our various audiences look at anything CBE and know that it is Western as well as CBE.  Consistency in color and look makes a big difference.  Individual departments, degrees, Centers, Speaker Series, etc. can have their own look as long as they reflect where they are – in CBE and Western.

The following information and guidelines provide a road map for presenting the College in a cohesive way to both internal and external audiences. This document includes guidelines for graphics and logos as well as internal and external marketing.


Who are the guidelines for?

All units of Western Washington University College of Business and Economics should follow these guidelines as much as possible. Help with using the guidelines is available from the Assistant to the Associate Dean or designated person in charge of CBE marketing.

Clubs within CBE would be well served by using the Western Brand Standards as well as these guidelines.


Commercial and Promotional Uses

From the WWU Brand Standards Guide:

Western Washington University asserts ownership over its name, marks, slogans, mascot, or any combination of these which refer to, or are associated with, Western. The Western marks cannot be used to imply or suggest endorsement of any product or service not provided by the University. The University [and College] logo, tagline, seal, athletics logo, and other marks are registered and protected by law. Individuals and organizations outside the university who wish to use any of the university marks for commercial purposes or for promotional activities must first obtain permission from either Western’s Office of Trademark Licensing or the Office of University Communications.  


College of Business and Economics Graphic Guidelines


CBE Brand Look

How does this work

Use the information above about branding as a guide. Use the assistance of the person responsible for marketing of CBE.  The Office of University Communications can also be helpful as they offer free design work (with lead time) and other creative endeavors. However, they are not necessarily aware of CBE initiatives.  They are extremely knowledgeable about Western level branding, which is of paramount importance. Consequently, when designing communication project, think about these things first:

  • Who is this communication intended to reach?
  • What types of communications reach the intended audience best?
  • What’s the budget?
  • What’s the timeline?
  • How would you like to have your identity within CBE and Western to be viewed?


CBE Logos

When and How to use a CBE logo

Use the Western logo first – according to the Brand Standards and the statement below. 

Within the College, student to student communications and some communications as approved by the person responsible for CBE marketing the combined Western/CBE logo, below, may be used. This is particularly true for internal Parks Hall signing, CBE clubs, and the Fortnightly (internal CBE newsletter) for example.

From the WWU Brand Standards Guide:

All print and electronic communications materials published/printed or otherwise displayed by Western Washington University for internal and external audiences must prominently display an approved version of the Western logo. Exceptions to this must be approved by the University. This includes stationary, brochures, invitations, direct mail, postcards, fliers, booklets, catalogs, statements, posters, banners and environmental graphics, advertising, websites, video, DVD, CD, film, PowerPoint presentations and all social media applications. Also, please note that the logo, wordmark or tagline cannot be used by external non-university entities – even those involved in partnerships with on-campus units – without the express written consent of the Office of University Communications and Marketing.


Whenever possible, the logo should be used in full color. Other acceptable versions include the Greyscale logo and the reverse type logos. For sizing specifications, please refer to the Western Brand Standards.

All Western CBE print and web logos can be found in the following location:  J:\College Marketing\CBE Marketing Standards\CBE WWU Logos.  If you cannot access these files please see the CBE Assistant to the Associate Dean.

AACSB Logos:  AACSB logos, also available at the above address, can only be used on non-Economics related materials. The Economics department is accredited by NWCCU but not by AACSB.


CBE Colors

There are two main Western Brand Colors: dark blue, and light blue (properly named Western Blue and Western Light Blue). There are four extended palette colors: yellow, lime, red, and dark green. Transparencies of any of the colors are also allowed, usually as accent colors.  

The College of Business and Economics reflects these colors on its homepage and website headers. However, individual CBE departments and/or programs may use a variety of signature colors from the approved palette.

For the full color palette, please refer to WWU’s Fonts, Colors & Transparencies Branding Information in the Western Brand Standards.  The colors may use various levels of transparency as well as shading and even pattern. 

Once a palette and design look is established for a department, a program or other entity it is suggested that the group uses the look consistently.  The repeated exposure of your intended audience to a certain color and look will signal viewers that the information is from a specific source or identified with a specific group. Recognition and the message gain from this.


CBE Video

Western’s logo must be present for at least five seconds at the start and finish of all campus videos, and must appear first and last as bookend images, preceding any institutional sub-brand in the beginning and after any sub-branding at the end. The logo must sit alone on a field of either white, Western Blue or black.

As with print and the web, the logo may not be altered in any way with drop shadows, glows or other effects.


CBE Photography

Whenever possible, photography from the College’s bank of people photos should be used. Requests for additional photo shoots can be made to the person responsible for CBE marketing and additional photo shoots can be organized.  Photography is best shown with the black border around each photo. All photo subjects must sign a release form and it must be kept on file on the J: College Marketing file.

College of Business and Economics Internal Marketing Guidelines


CBE Ticker

A ticker is located on the Plaza Level of Parks Hall just next to the PH109 Saturna Sustainable Investing Lab. It features scrolling current stock prices for students, visitors and faculty to see. Besides presenting some stock information it helps to reinforce the image of Parks Hall as the home of a school of business and economics. The Ticker can be used to display information about general news and information about events and happenings in the College of Business and Economics that pertain to all CBE students. All requests for messages to be posted on the ticker must go to the person responsible for CBE Marketing.

Note:  A listing of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) funds is being sought to add to the ticker to more accurately reflect CBE’s values and mission.


CBE Digital Signage

Any news, information or events related to the College of Business and Economics can be displayed on digital signage monitors. This may include, but is not limited to, CBE club events, speaker events, registration dates, scholarship application dates, advising access, information about testing sessions, and more. The two digital signage monitors are located on the ground floor and plaza level of Parks Hall.

All displays on the digital signage monitors must be professional-looking and approved by the responsible CBE marketing person or their designee.   All events will be removed from the monitor immediately after the date of the event. Templates are provided as supplemental downloads from the J:\College Marketing: Monitor Templates location or from the CBE Monitor Controller, Teri Hall, CBE Pre-Major Advisor.


WWU BullsEye and Electronic Communication

The BullsEye Targeted Messaging Wizard was designed as a simple method for building and sending targeted email announcements to Western faculty, staff and students.

The Western Policy which includes the BullsEye system is as follows:

This policy applies to all employees including permanent and, temporary employees and student employees assigned a account or who have been granted permission to access group mailbox(es) or resource account(s).


  1. Account is Official University Mode of Electronic Communication
  2. University Access Permitted to Comply With Public Records Requests, Subpoenas or Legal Processes
  3. Use of Electronic Mail Limited to University Business
  4. Mass Email Distribution Requires Approval
  5. Account Owners Responsible for Maintaining Privacy, Security and Confidentiality
  6. Security and Privacy Not Guaranteed
  7. University Access Permitted to Comply with Records Retention Requirements
  8. Access to Another Employee’s University Electronic Communication Requires Chief Information Officer (CIO) Approval
  9. CIO Acts to Comply with Legal and Ethical Requirements
  10. University Access Permitted for Investigation of Misconduct
  11. Unethical and Illegal Use of Electronic Email Prohibited

The entire policy can be found here: J:\College Marketing\CBE Marketing Standards.

Please note this wording associated with Policy 3 above:

Electronic mail is to be used only to support teaching, research, service, and administrative functions consistent with the individual’s official duties, promotion of organizational effectiveness, or enhancement of job-related skills.

CBE adheres to all University Policies.

Unfortunately, the BullsEye system is not available for club announcements. Please refer to the CBE Connect and CBE Events sections below for information pertaining to CBE student club announcements.


CBE Info Sessions

Room reservations can be made through the Dean’s Office. Please contact the Assistant to the Associate Dean to submit a room reservation request. A staff or faculty member must be present during any student-led event as an event sponsor. The Assistant to the Associate Dean can be reached at (360) 650-4583.


CBE Fortnightly

The Fortnightly is intended as an internal communication tool for the College of Business and Economics faculty and staff. The Fortnightly is intended for all college readers to learn about what the rest of the college is doing. The Fortnightly is published every other Wednesday by the Dean’s Office and goes out to CBE faculty, staff and select Western officers. Feel free to pass along this publication to interested parties.

The Fortnightly includes:

  • Announcements for upcoming events
  • Achievements of any faculty, staff, students, clubs, programs and departments
  • Recap of DAC (Department and Chair) meetings
  • Approved minutes from Policy Council
  • Notes from the Faculty Governance Committee
  • Notes from Curriculum Review
  • Noteworthy news of general college interest

Submissions to the Fortnightly are due the Tuesday before delivery. No publications occur during summer months.


CBE Website

Individual department websites can be managed by the department. Please contact your Department Manager if you have any changes. If you have further questions or would like assistance, please contact the CBE IT Office.

Website design is one of the major sources of identifying the CBE brand. Any major changes to the look of the website must be cleared through the College’s marketing staff and may be further reviewed by the Office of University Communications. This office may also assist with the design of pages. The header graphic will remain the same for all subsequent pages within the CBE website in order to have consistent brand unity.


CBE Connect

On the CBE website homepage, there are three arrowed sub-heads reading, “News”, “Events”, and “Connect”.  The Connect arrow leads to an opt in system to be on an e-mail list for receiving mail for and about student focused activities and events. The main list is currently available, but the mailing tool is yet to be developed. There may also be some fine-tuning done to the opt in tool as student input makes the lists work better for students.


CBE Events

Also on the home page of the CBE website is an arrow called events.  Any event open to some portion of CBE may be posted on this calendar. Each calendar listing also gets a landing page on which the group can display much more detailed information. This can be used for club events, speakers, deadlines or anything else that needs to be communicated publicly to some portion of the CBE public. If you have fan event to be publicized on the CBE website, please email the CBE IT Office.


CBE Student Clubs Webpage

All active CBE clubs must have a working weblink to their club's homepage. Contact the CBE IT Office for help with weblink issues. Facebook homepages are also acceptable.  The CBE Student Clubs webpage is located at


Posters, Flyers, Bulletin Boards and Easels

These policies are in place in order to assist with making the College of Business and Economics building, Parks Hall, look professional and reflect the College’s brand identity.

All posters should reflect the Western and CBE Branding Standards.

All flyers (usually 8 ½ x 11” pages) can be placed on designated bulletin boards within Parks Hall. Flyers may not cover any preexisting materials. Event flyers must be removed immediately following the event.  Flyers may be placed on faculty bulletin boards outside faculty offices with the faculty member’s permission.



Bulletin Board Locations:

  • Plaza Level:
    • Outside of PH104
    • Outside of PH146
  • Second Floor:
    • Outside of PH206
    • Outside of PH228


Posters: On each level of Parks Hall there are large Lucite poster holders. When using the holders, preexisting materials with the closest calendar date must be in front of events that are further in the future.  All posters must be removed immediately following the event.


Poster Size: 18x23 inches

Poster Holder Locations:

  • Ground Floor
    • 3x Ground Floor Entrance (MBA Only)
    • 3x the Elevator Bank
  • Plaza Level
    • 1x Main Entrance across from the Elevators
    • 1x Plaza at the bottom of the stairs
  • Second Floor
    • 2x Elevator Bank at the top of the stairs
    • 2x Entrance to 210N Computer Lab
    • 2x Entrance to 210S Computer Lab
  • Third Floor
    • 2x the Elevator Bank
  • Fourth Floor
    • 2x the Elevator Bank
    • 3x outside of the Dean’s Office



Easels: Easels can only be used outside of Parks Hall.  No easels may be used within Parks Hall.



College of Business and Economics External Marketing Guidelines


CBE Press Releases

Press releases can be written with the help of the University Communications Office.  Press releases should be sent to the Dean and/or a designated person before they leave the college as a courtesy and as an aid to more successful internal communications.


CBE Website

Since the website for CBE is publicly accessed, all guidelines mentioned earlier should be maintained for both internal as well as any external audiences.


CBE Social Media

For all social media interests, please refer to Western’s Social Media Style Guide.


Reference Materials

WWU Brand Central

WWU Style Guide

WWU Brand Guide

WWU Social Media Style Guide

WWU Color Usage

PDF icon Photo and Video Release Form - Click to download