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Marketing Careers

Careers in Marketing

A Future With Potential

A degree in Marketing opens doors to numerous career opportunities. Nearly every area of business is somehow related to marketing, which provides students with many pathways to utilize their experiences and knowledge upon graduation.

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Career Fields in Marketing

Starting a career in marketing is competitive but rewarding, and successful marketers can advance quickly. Students are strongly encouraged to gain a competitive advantage by taking as many relevant electives as possible, getting involved with extracurricular activities, and most importantly - finding a marketing internship. These experiences will provide you with valuable contacts and experiences that will be meaningful to prospective employers.

Digital Marketing

Much of the world around us has become digital. If you're passionate about new technology then digital marketing may be ideal for you. There are many firms that need help in this growing area of the marketing world. You could be an answer to their problems. Digital marketing includes internet advertising, search engine marketing, social media marketing and mobile marketing just to name a few of possibilities.

Advertising & Promotions

Have you ever wanted to work for an advertising agency? Some marketing graduates go on to be Advertising Account Executives, a role in which they coordinate promotion campaigns involving a variety of media between clients, the creative department and media planners.

Public Relations

Do you have strong communications skills? Are you persuasive and quick thinking? Public relations is responsible for managing the public image of a firm and portraying it in the best light possible.

Brand and Product Management

Are you excited by strategy? Would you like to manage your own business within the umbrella of a larger business? Brand and Product Managers are the marketing strategists who direct all aspects of the marketing mix for their brand or product including guiding market research, managing product development, setting pricing and distribution strategy and working with advertising and public relations agencies to implement promotional strategy.

Retail Marketing

Retail is much more than your summer job between high school and college. This is a dynamic industry with opportunities in a variety of marketing positions. As a marketing professional you will have the opportunity to plan the merchandise assortment, direct the flow on the sales floor and ensure that your business is meeting consumer needs.

Selling and Sales Management

Do you want to be on the front line and really get to work with people? Careers in sales have often been the place where graduates gain a foothold in an industry. Many of today's CEO's started their careers in sales.

Media Planning

Are you process oriented? Do you like planning weeks, months or years in advance? Well, this may be your calling. As a media planner, a lot rides on your ability to plan and execute with a very large media budget.

Market Research

Are you driven by numbers? Do you like understanding how people think and what drives their actions? Market research is a great way to use your talents for combining and interpreting qualitative and quantitative data.

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Past Hires

  • Marketing Manager, Premier Law Associates
  • Search Marketing & Social Media Specialist, Sesame Communications
  • Marketing Manager, Sudden Values
  • Market Research Analyst, Hebert Research
  • Marketing Communications Coordinator, Dentra
  • Survey Research Analyst, comScore
  • Research Analyst, Hebert Research
  • Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator, Pacific Science Center