Faculty Handbook - Section 7



The College values full and open discussion on all matters of interest to the faculty and staff. To  the extent possible the College strives to make decisions by reasonable consensus. While most college decision making occurs within Policy Council, there are times when a vote of the full CBE faculty is necessary or desirable. The rules governing faculty votes are as follows: 

  • Only tenured and tenure-track CBE faculty constitute the voting faculty and may participate in faculty votes. 
  • Any issue that has been discussed and voted on by Policy Council within the previous six months is eligible to be brought to the CBE faculty for a vote.
  • An eligible issue may be brought to the CBE faculty for a vote in any of the following three ways:
    • Policy Council votes (as per its usual voting procedures) to bring the issue to the CBE faculty for a vote.
    • The members of the Faculty Governance Committee by a vote of at least four out of five members call for the issue to be brought to the CBE faculty for a vote.
    • Any member of the CBE voting faculty completes the petition provided below  which requires the signature of the faculty member and the signatures of nine additional members of the CBE voting faculty. When a completed petition is submitted to Policy Council, the request for a vote shall be honored without debate. 
  • All CBE handbook changes (except non-material adjustments, such as spelling or grammar and changes in references to CBA section #s when those #s change) shall automatically be brought to the faculty for a vote, provided the issue has first been discussed and voted on by Policy Council.
  • Faculty votes shall be preceded by an all-college meeting, with all interested parties having equal opportunity to present their viewpoints.
  • Although faculty votes shall typically be conducted via confidential ballot, voice votes are acceptable if at least 90% of the voting faculty is present at the time a voice vote is called for. Still, if a voice vote is called for, any member of the voting faculty may request that a confidential ballot vote be conducted instead. Such a request shall be honored without debate.
  • The Dean’s office shall send at least one email notification to all voting faculty to alert them to the voting period and deadline. 
  • The voting period for any CBE faculty ballot vote shall include at least five working days on which fall, winter, or spring quarter CBE classes are held.
  • No proxy votes are acceptable.
  • Reasonable provision shall be made for absentee and off-campus voting at the determination of the Dean, in consultation with the FGC. 
  • A simple majority of votes cast shall decide the issue.
  • The results of faculty vote (ballot or voice) supersede any prior Policy Council vote on the same issue.


CBE Petition for Calling a College Vote

This petition is one of multiple means by which CBE faculty may request an all-faculty vote on an issue (as per Section VII of the CBE Faculty Handbook). Parts 1 and 2 must be completed in accordance with the instructions below for this petition to be considered complete. The completed petition is to be submitted to Policy Council, who must then follow the procedures described in Section VII of the CBE Faculty Handbook. A downloadable PDF of the petition can found PDF icon here.


Part 1: Petition Title, Background, Rationale, and Voting Language

Attach to this petition a document that provides a petition title, a description of the issue on which faculty will be called to vote, a summary of the rationale for bringing the issue to a vote, and the actual language the petitioner would like to have appear on the ballot.


Part 2: Signatures

Supporting Signatures

(10 signatures are required, including the individual who initiates the petition; All those who sign must be part of the CBE voting faculty, as specified in Section VII of the CBE Faculty Handbook. Signing this petition indicates support for an all-faculty vote on the issue described in Part 1, but it does NOT indicate how those who sign will vote on the issue.)