Faculty Handbook - Section 5



A.   Faculty Consulting Procedures

Faculty members and administrators may be called upon to provide consulting or other professional services to the community outside of the University and its institutional programs.  These activities may or may not be income-generating.  Consulting should enhance the teaching, scholarship or service abilities of the faculty and can make significant contributions to the various publics served by the college.

Members of the faculty and administration will be permitted to engage in external consulting or other professional services on a reasonable basis and in compliance with the MOU with respect to these practices as stated here.

This policy is subject in all instances to the following conditions:

  • The first responsibility of the individual is to the College of Business and Economics and Western Washington University, and any outside activity must in no way interfere with the person’s normal and full-time obligations and contributions to the University.
  • Any outside involvement must not involve any conflict of interest in terms of the person’s obligations to the University or its programs and objectives.
  • An individual report must be made to the department chair and the college dean at the end of each academic year.
  • This policy applies to all full-time faculty and administrators during the academic year or other term of appointment.
  • All consulting activity must conform to applicable State and University policy and procedures, including University Policy 5400.18 “Faculty Policy on Consulting and Other Compensated Professional Activities”.


B. Faculty Ethics Policy

The Faculty of the College of Business and Economics subscribes to the highest ethical standards in conformity with the Values Statement.  Specifically the faculty subscribes to the Code of Faculty Ethics found in Appendix 5 of the WWU Faculty Handbook located here.  The faculty also subscribe to the Washington State’s Ethics in Public Service Act, Chapter 42.52 RCS. The faculty also subscribe to FERPA guidelines and the policies with respect to responsible research which can be found here.



C. Chair Selection Policy and Procedure

Chairs of the academic departments in the College of Business and Economics are selected as follows:

  • The Dean of the College of Business and Economics shall declare nominations open for Chair.  Nominations shall remain open for five working days following this announcement.
  • Nomination forms shall be signed by the nominator and the nominee.
  • Nomination forms shall be submitted to the Dean’s Office.
  • The Dean may meet with nominees to discuss the position.
  • The Dean shall call a department meeting within 10 working days after nominations are closed to announce and discuss the slate of nominees.
  • The Department may solicit policy proposals from the candidates and schedule one or more meetings to hear and discuss these proposals.
  • The department shall set a date of no more than 10 days from the last discussion meeting for the submission of secret written ballots to the Dean’s Office.  The selection is determined by majority vote. Eligibility to vote is covered in Section VII of the Faculty Handbook.
  • The Dean shall announce the result of the process.


D. Representation on University Governance Bodies

At least one tenured or tenure-track faculty member shall serve as a representative of the College on each of the following University bodies:

  • University Planning and Resources Council
  • Faculty Senate
  • Academic Coordinating Commission

Exceptions are permitted by Policy Council