Faculty Handbook - Section 4



A.    Center for Economic and Business Research

This Center has a wide range of responsibilities with respect to research.  They include:

  • Undertaking original research designed to increase understanding of the economic activity in this region, particularly the relationship between Northwest Washington and Lower British Columbia.  This includes the development of an econometric forecasting model of the region.
  • Sponsoring research workshops, conferences and colloquia.
  • Publication of a working paper series to disseminate faculty research output, publication of conference proceedings volumes, and publication of The Northwest Economic Review.
  • Providing faculty with assistance in data generation and analysis, and other support services and technical assistance.
  • Coordinating research projects that involve input by several faculty members.
  • Providing information and assistance concerning funded research projects and research opportunities in the region.


B.    The Center for Economic and Financial Education

This Center provides assistance to public school teachers in teaching economics.  Funded by corporate support, the Center has been very successful in conducting workshops and courses in its service area.  It also provides an opportunity to engage in research associated with public school economic education.


C. The Center for International Business 

This Center coordinates many of the international activities of the College, and houses the two chaired professors of international business. The Center provides support to faculty interested in international opportunities of all kinds, as well as sponsors seminars and other activities.  The Center sponsors research, special seminars, and programs of interest to internationalists.


D. The CBE Center for Innovation in Education

The CBE Center for Innovation in Education's mission is to enhance learning, professional development and job placement by creating opportunities for students to interact and engage with successful professional and participate in innovative and forward-looking initiatives. 


E. The Center for Operations Research and Management Science

The Center for Operations Research and Management Science (CORMS) promotes international collaboration and networking to support OR and MS research.

The Center provides a platform for research-oriented outreach activities including the followings:

  • Publishing a working paper series
  • Conducting a research seminar series
  • Creating new research opportunities for senior undergraduate and graduate students to get involved in faculty-guided applied research projects
  • Conducting international symposiums, mini-conferences, or workshops on Operations Research/Management Science