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Politics/Philosophy/Economics (PPE) Major

Broad Based Skills for the Expansive Thinker

In this major, Politics, Philosophy, and Economics are combined in a multidisciplinary effort to study modern political science, questions of political philosophy, pursue social scientific research, and apply economic analysis in problem solving.

For a complete Program of Study see the university catalog, Politics/Philosophy/Economics, BA

Why Politics/Philosophy/Economics?

The multidisciplinary trio provides a foundation in philosophy, logic, and critical thinking, political processes within the U.S. and in the international system, and the functioning of the economy with attention to economic analysis tools.  Students are given preparation in the foundational materials of each of these fields, and encouraged to explore classes at the intersection of political and economic issues.  Because it draws on three different research disciplines, this combined major strives to provide students with an interdisciplinary set of skills related to critical reasoning and analysis, problem solving and decision making, and social scientific research.  The PPE combined major is not a triple major; rather, it strives to provide a broad exposure to these three fields. 

The PPE major prepares its graduates for careers in public policy and public service, consulting, journalism (reporting on political and economic issues), law and international affairs. It is an excellent pre-law major and it also offers suitable preparation for graduate study in any of the participating disciplines. PPE majors have gone on to some of the nation's most prestigious law and professional schools; to successful careers in business, public service, policy-making and journalism, and to graduate studies in the various sub-fields.

For more information please see a video made by the American Economics Association:  "A Career in Economics...it's Much More Than You Think" 

Course Layout


Please download and read carefully the File Politics/Philosophy/Economics 2021-22 Plan of Study.  This includes a flowchart for the required courses and will also serve as your planned course schedule when submitting your paperwork for you senior evaluation for graduation.

For the complete information on the requirements, see the Politics/Philosophy/Economics, BA from the university online catalog.

For help with planning your courses, please see your advisor or the department office.