Mathematics & Economics

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Economics/Mathematics Major

The Language of Economics Is Mathematics

A degree in economics and math is excellent preparation for a career as an economist. Employment as an economist generally requires completion of a graduate degree in economics, math or both. The integration of concepts from both areas of study provides the foundation to be successful in advanced study in economics or business.

For complete information and requirements see the university catalog, Economics/Mathematics, BA

Why Economics/Mathematics?

A degree in economics and math can be an excellent gateway to many careers, particularly ones that require advanced skills in quantitative and analytical analysis.

The combination of economics and mathematics develops students skills in both fields and is particularly well suited for students preparing for graduate work in economics or business.

Professional economists are employed as researchers in both business and government and as teachers and researchers in academic institutions.

A career as an economist generally requires the completion of graduate studies beyond the bachelor's degree. Given the importance of math to economic analysis the combined economics/math major has led to a high success rate for admissions to graduate programs in economics and to professional schools in law and business (MBA).

For more information please see a video made by the American Economics Association:  "A Career in's Much More Than You Think" 

Economics Prerequisite Course Flowchart

Please download and read carefully the File Economics/Mathematics 2021-22 Plan of Study. This includes a flowchart for the required courses and will also serve as your planned course schedule when submitting your paperwork for your senior evaluation for graduation.

For complete information on the requirements please see the Economics/Mathematics, BA from the online university catalog.

For help with planning your courses, please see your advisor or the department office.