Huxley Foundation Courses

Huxley College Foundation Courses:

Completion of the foundation courses are required to declare to Huxley College of the Environment.

Course List


❑ ENVS 203 - Physical Geography

❑ ENVS 303 - Introduction to Environmental Studies I: Human Ecology and Ethics 

❑ ENVS 305 - Introduction to Environmental Studies II: History and Policy

❑ One ESCI course, 200-400 level (4-credit minimum)

❑ One upper-division natural science course at the 300-400 level (3 credit minimum)

The one upper-division natural science course can be an ESCI course, additional approved natural science course in ENVS, or can be from any other science department. Students should be aware of prerequisites in other science departments.

❑ One course from:

MATH 114 - Precalculus I QSR GUR or

MATH 156 - Algebra With Applications to Business and Economics QSR GUR



If you declared prior to Fall 2017 please follow the university catalog of study for that year.  The listed requirements are for the current 2019-20 catalog information.

Flowchart for Environmental portion of the major: