Foundation Courses

Foundation Courses

*Or equivalent

**Students can test out of MIS 220

For the complete plan of study see the official Program of Study on the university catalog page.

The foundation courses consist of 28-30 credits and ideally should be completed by the end of your sophomore year. They provide the groundwork in basic business computer skills, accounting, economics, business calculus, statistics and business law the you will need before becoming a full economics/accounting major. You MUST complete all of the foundation courses before taking any junior or senior-level accounting courses.

Pre-Major Advising for Economics/Accounting Students

The accounting department recommends that students take ACCT 240 and ACCT 245 during their sophomore year to lessen the time gap between those courses and the junior-level accounting courses.

Since MATH 157- Business Calculus (or MATH 124) is a prerequisite for other courses and one of the foundation courses, we recommend that students work toward completing their MATH sequence as early as possible.

General University Requirements (GUR):
Several of your prerequisite and foundation courses also count as GURs. Look for classes in the course lists below that are labeled as "GUR." By planning your schedule properly you can reduce the total number of classes needed.