Environmental Studies & Economics

Dr. Durham teaching economics course

Economics/Environmental Studies Major

Economic Study of Environmental & Natural Resources

A combined major in economics and environmental studies is available to students having a strong interest in the economic aspects of environmental studies and natural resources. The curriculum has been developed to provide a broad area of study in the economic choices involved in how we interact with natural systems.

For the complete information on the requirements see the Economics/Environmental Studies, BA from the university online catalog.

Why Economics & Environmental Studies?

Jointly offered by the Department of Economics, College of Business and Economics, and the Department of Environmental Studies, Huxley College of the Environment, this major is tailored for those who wish to apply the optimal resource allocation principle to environmental applications by building a strong foundation in both economics and environmental studies.

Questions examined in environmental economics include efficient resource use, preservation of wilderness and biological diversity, local and regional air pollution, global climate change, and treatment of toxic substances. You will learn how to use economic principles to understand the causes of environmental problems and identify potential remedies.

Environmental studies draws on basic knowledge of how natural systems work and works towards solving problems created largely by human activities. In addition to the study of the natural environment, a study of laws and policy related to the environment provides a foundation for solving environmental problems.

An increasingly dynamic career area for economists has been in environmental business and management, sometimes referred to as sustainability, in which economists are involved in planning and forecasting, production and market analysis, pricing, and government policy analysis. 

For more information please see a video made by the American Economics Association:  "A Career in Economics...it's Much More Than You Think" 

Plan Your Course of Study

Please download and read carefully the File Economics/Environmental Studies 2021-22 Plan of Study/Advising Form. This includes a flowchart for the required courses and will also serve as your planned course schedule when submitting your paperwork for your senior evaluation for graduation. Your faculty advisors and department managers are here to help you create a plan of study or to confirm that you are on the correct path to reach your goals.  Schedule an appointment by email or stop by during office hours.