Accounting & Economics

Economics/Accounting Major

Combining Economic Theory and Accounting Practice

The combined economics/accounting major is designed to integrate the most important aspects of economic theory and accounting practice to provide the foundation and advanced knowledge you will need to succeed in business. It's an excellent undergraduate major for students wishing to pursue graduate study in law or business.

Why Economics and Accounting?

This degree provides students with a strong background in both economics and accounting. It is an excellent degree for students intending to pursue a career in business or to prepare for an MBA. With this major, numerous career options are available such as:

For more information please see a video made by the American Economics Association:  "A Career in's Much More Than You Think" 

Plan Your Course of Study

For the official Program of Study, see the Economics/Accounting, BA from the university catalog.

Your faculty advisors and the department managers are here to help you create a plan of study or to just confirm that you are on the correct path to reach your goals. Schedule an appointment by email or stop by during office hours.

Course Layout

Please download and read carefully the File Economics/Accounting 2021-22 Plan of Study/Advising Form. This includes a flowchart for the required courses and will also serve as your planned course schedule when submitting your paperwork for your senior evaluation for graduation.