Distinguished Teaching Fellow


The Distinguished Teaching Fellowship Award recognizes a tenured faculty member in the College of Business and Economics who has demonstrated sustained excellence through his or her scholarly contributions to the teaching mission of the college and to student learning in the fields of business and economics.

The fellowship program is in temporary moratorium.


Fellowship Award Criteria

  • Contributions to outstanding teaching and effectiveness in enhancing student learning.
  • Program development through curriculum development and enhanCIEnt.
  • Service to the department, college and university with respect to enhancing teaching and learning outside of the university.
  • Contributions to external organization(s) (e.g., a professional society) in terms of enhancing teaching and learning outside of the university.
  • Teaching scholarship through research and scholarly publications on teaching and learning.


Past Award Recipients

2013 Distinguished Teaching Fellow

Dr. Kristi Tyran,  Department of Management

2012 Distinguished Teaching Fellow

Dr. Chris Sandvig, Department of Decision Sciences

2011 Distinguished Teaching Fellow

Dr. Wendy Wilhelm, Department of Finance and Marketing

2010 Distinguished Teaching Fellow

Dr. Yvonne Durham, Department of Economics 

2009 Distinguished Teaching Fellow

Dr. Sandra Mottner, Department of Finance and Marketing 

2008 Distinguished Teaching Fellow

Dr. Craig Tyran, Department of Decision Sciences 

2007 Distinguished Teaching Fellow

Dr. Marguerite (Zite) Hutton, Department of Accounting

2006 Distinguished Teaching Fellow

Dr. David Nelson, Department of Economics

2005 Distinguished Teaching Fellow

Dr. Peter Haug, Department of Decision Sciences