Dennis Murphy Research Award

This award recognizes outstanding scholarly research conducted by faculty members in the College of Business and Economics. The awards are named in honor of Dr. Dennis Murphy, long-term Dean of the College of Business and Economics.

2014-2015 Recipients

  • Catherine Armstrong-Soule
  • Earl D. Benson
  • Sophie X. Kong
  • John Krieg
  • Edwin Love
  • J. Christopher Sandvig
  • Sharon Shewmake
  • Anca-Ioana Sirbu
  • Mark Staton
  • Paul Storer and Steve Globerman
  • Daniel Warner

2013-2014 Recipients

  • Earl Benson and Sophie Kong, "Correlations and Covariances Over Time and Across Markets: The Comovement of U.S. Equity Returns with the Developed and Emerging Markets of Australasia and Asia"
  • Jongwook Kim and Marko Madunic, "Distinguishing Between Spinouts and Non-spinouts: Allocating Control Rights in Biotechnology Alliances"
  • George Zhang (with co-authors), "On the Downs-Thomson Paradox in a Self-Financing Two-Tier Queuing System," Manufacturing and Service Operations Management (Spring 2014)
  • Skylar Powell, "From M-P to MA-P: Multinationality Alignment and Performance," Journal of International Business (February 2014)
  • Edwin Love (with co-authors), "Construal Marketing Tactics for High Quality versus Low Price Market Segments"
  • Brandon Dupont, "Father Knows Best: Using Adam Smith to Teach Transaction Costs," Journal of Economic Education (September 2013)
  • Kristi Tyran and Joseph Garcia, "Reciprocal Learning and Management Education: The Example of Using University Alumni and Other Business Executives as 'Virtual' Mentors to Business Students"

2012-2013 Recipients

  • Earl Benson and Julia Hansen, "The Value of a Water View: Variability Over 25 Years in a Coastal Housing Market," The Coastal Business Journal  (March 2013)
  • Brandon Dupont (with co-author), "Variability in Overseas Travel by Americans, 1820 to 2000," Cliometrica   (September 2013)
  • Yvonne Durham (with co-authors), "The Effects of Income Source, Context, and Income Level on Tax Compliance Decisions in a Dynamic Experiment," Journal of Economic Psychology   (February 2014)
  • Steve Henson and John Krieg (with co-authors), "Collective Bargaining and Job Satisfaction," Industrial Relations   (July 2012)
  • Jongwook Kim, "Formal and Informal Governance in Biotechnology Alliances: Board Oversight, Contractual Control, and Repeated Deals," Industrial and Corporate Change   (August 2014)
  • Shawn Knabb (with co-author), "Bounded Rationality, Expectations and Child Labor," Canadian Journal of Economics   (August 2013)
  • Ozan Sula (with co-author), "The Effect of Ability on Young Men's Self-Employment Decision: Evidence from the NELS," Industrial Relations  (October 2012)
  • George Zhang (with co-author), "Strategic Queuing Behavior and Its Impact on System Performance in Service Systems with the Congestion-Based Staffing Policy," Manufacturing & Service Operations Management  (Winter 2013)

2011-2012 Recipients

  • Earl D. Benson (with co-author), "Determinants of Private Sector Insurance Premiums on Municipal Debt Issues," Municipal Finance Journal  (October 2011)
  • Steven Globerman, "Investigating Abroad and Investing at Home", Multinational Business Review  (August 2012)
  • Steve Henson and John Krieg (with co-author), "Collective Bargaining and Community College Faculty: What Is the Wage Impact?," Journal of Labor Research  (March 2012)
  • Edwin Love, "Divide and Prosper? When Partitioned Prices Make Sense," Journal of Product and Brand Management  (January 2012)
  • Steve RossMark Springer, and Craig Tyran, "Assessing the Quality of a Decision Support E-Service," International Journal of E-Business Research  
  • Ozan Sula, "Demand for International Reserves in Developing Nations: A Quantile Regression Approach," Journal of International Money and Finance  (September 2011)
  • Zhe George Zhang (with co-authors) "Optimal maintenance policy for a system subject to damage in a discrete time," Reliability Engineering & System Safety  (July 2012)

2010-2011 Recipients

  • Earl D. Benson and Sophie X. Kong (with co-author), "Stock Return Expectations and P/E 10," Journal of Portfolio Management   (Fall 2011)
  • Brandon Dupont (with co-author), "The Long Term Rise in Overseas Travel by Americans, 1820-2000," Economic History Review   (February 2012)
  • Yvonne Durham and Mathew R. Roelofs, "A Laboratory Study of Auctions with a Buy Price," Economic Inquiry   (April 2013)
  • Steven Globerman, "The Social Responsibility of Managers- Reassessing and Integrating Diverse Perspectives," Business and Society   (Winter 2011)
  • Jason Kanov (with co-author), "Understanding Compassion Capability," Human Relations   (July 2011)
  • Jongwook Kim, "Alliance Governance and Technological Performance: Some Evidence from Biotechnology Alliances," Oxford Journals: Industrial and Corporate Change   (August 2011)
  • John M. Kreig, "Which Students are Left Behind? The Racial Impacts of the No Child Left Behind Act," Economics of Education Review   (August 2011)
  • Edwin A. Love (with co-author), "New Product Pricing Strategy Under Customer Asymmetric Anchoring," International Journal of Research in Marketing   (December 2011)
  • Mathew R. Roelofs, "Heterogeneous Preferences for Altruism: Gender and Personality, Social Status, Giving, and Taking," Experimental Economics   (November 2011)