David Merrifield Research Award

The David Merrifield Award recognized excellence in scholarship conducted by members of the College of Business and Economics while honoring its long-time Director for Economic and Business Research, Dr. David Merrifield. This award honors faculty members who have published research that meets the following criteria that Dr. Merrifield strove to meet:

  • The research should have a clear potential for improving people's lives, with direct implications for public policy or business decisions;

  • The research should be of high quality and meet rigorous standards of integrity;
  • Other things equal, research including the following criteria will be weighted more strongly:
    • Relevance to the region;
    • Focus outside of the author's primary area of specialization;
    • Co-authored
    • Of direct benefit to students, such as:
      • Collaboration with students
      • Improvements to classroom instruction


2014-2015 Recipient

  • Mark Springer


2013-2014 Recipients

  • Steven Globerman and Paul Storer, "Changes in Canada-U.S. Trade in Intermediate Versus Final Goods: Identification and Assessment"


2012-2013 Recipients

  • Earl Benson and Julia Hansen, "The Value of a Water View: Variability Over 25 Years in a Coastal Housing Market"  The Coastal Business Journal  (March 2013)
  • Shawn Knabb (with co-author), "Bounded Rationality, Expectations and Child Labor," Canadian Journal of Economics   (August 2013)
  • Ozan Sula (with co-author), "The Effect of Ability on Young Men's Self-Employment Decision: Evidence from the NELS," Industrial Relations  (October 2012)
  • George Zhang (with co-author), "Strategic Queuing Behavior and Its Impact on System Performance in Service Systems with the Congestion-Based Staffing Policy," Manufacturing & Service Operations Management  (Winter 2013)


2011-2012 Recipients

  • Pamela LaBorde and Sandra Mottner, "Can a College Level Personal Finance Course Close the Knowledge Gaps?" Journal of Financial Education


2010-2011 Recipients

  • Steven Globerman and Paul Storer, "Regional and Temporal Variations in Transportation Costs for U.S. Imports from Canada," Journal of Regional Analysis and Policy  
  • Z. George Zhang (with co-author), "Modeling Security-Check Queues," Management Science   (September 2011)