Connecting to CBE Labs from Off-Campus

Remotely gaining access to the CBE labs is now possible. This is accomplished by connecting to VPN, then to a website that lists each of the computers in the Parks Hall labs.


Currently, all students are granted access to VPN. ATUS has instructions on their website for both installing the software and using it. They are found here:

Labstats Website

This website is what makes the connection between your computer and the lab computer. First, go here:

Scroll to the Parks Hall lab computers and choose any computer from the list. A new window will appear, asking you to download a file. Click Download, then click on the downloaded file. Choose Remote Desktop Connection, then the Connect button. <Note: There is currently an issue where the downloaded file will not work, which is in the progress of being fixed. In the meantime, manually open the Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection software. To open the Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection software, click on the search icon at the bottom of the Window toolbar (it looks like a magnifying glass), type in “Remote Desktop Connection” to search for/find the software and then open the software.  You should see a small pop up form titled “Remote Desktop Connection.”  Once this pop up form appears you will need to enter the name for a WWU lab computer. For the computer name, use one of the names from the Labstats website, but add to the end of it. For example, PH210LAB30 becomes>

After you enter the computer name and click OK, you will see a “Windows Security” pop up form.  Use this form to enter your login credentials.  If needed, enter your username using the form “wwu\username” (e.g., wwu\smithb).

After clicking OK, if you are asked if you want to verify the connection, say Yes. You should now be connected to the lab computer; this is the same as if you were physically at the computer, so it’s normal for the login to take a while if you haven’t logged in to that exact computer recently.

Mac Users

In order to use the Labstats website, you will need one additional piece of software. Go to the app store and search for “Microsoft Remote Desktop”. This software is what will enable you to open the file that is downloaded from the Labstats website.

Potential Problems

Make sure you are connected to VPN.

First, make sure you are connected to VPN. When you click Connect, a file is downloaded. Click that file, and choose Microsoft Remote Desktop as the program you open it with.