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International Business Concentration

Preparing Students for Global Careers

A management concentration prepares you to work with people in a variety of contexts. While other business disciplines focus on tasks for business, management focuses on how to motivate others to accomplish these tasks efficiently and effectively with high quality results. You will learn how to manage projects, work with teams, implement changes, and be an effective leader.



IBUS 370
IBUS 470

28 credits

International Business 470 is only available to students who have declared their major. One course with a Communication Focus (CF) as well as a minimum of three Writing Proficiency points (WP-3) are required for all graduates, and this requirement is met by taking IBUS 470.


Course List

  • Set 1: IB Core

Complete the following two required courses:

  • Set 2: International
Select two courses from economics or social sciences or one from each category.
Economics courses with international content:
(If topic is international) (ECON 397)
Other Econ 3xx or 4xx approved courses with international content (see advisor)
Social science courses with international content:
(note: check for prerequisites and approvals that may be required)
ENVS 342, GEOG 323, PLSC 307, PLSC 372, ANTH 338, ANTH 362, ANTH 365, Other 3XX or 4XX Approved courses with international content, INTL 305 Study Abroad
  • Set 3: Functional

       Select One course from:

MGMT 337 - Management Study Abroad
  • Set 4: Electives

Two courses under advisement (at least one course from CBE)

  • Set: 5 (International Experience)

Complete at leas one of the following:

An approved foreign education experience

A second-year college-level language study

A qualified global internship