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International Business Concentration

Preparing Students for Global Careers

A management concentration prepares you to work with people in a variety of contexts. While other business disciplines focus on tasks for business, management focuses on how to motivate others to accomplish these tasks efficiently and effectively with high quality results. You will learn how to manage projects, work with teams, implement changes, and be an effective leader.


By following the critical path (The sequence of classes which must be taken to earn your degree within four years. A class on the critical path cannot be started until you've taken the prerequisite class. If these classes are delayed, it is more difficult to graduate on time.) through the IBUS concentration, you will be able to finish your degree in a more timely manner.

The RED BLOCKS indicate the courses that should be completed first to graduate on time; however, the curriculum description and layout is not a sequential checklist to be followed in lockstep. There are many opportunities to optimize the course flow in consultation with your faculty advisor or the department manager.

For a complete list of classes within the international business concentration, download the ib minor planning sheet.pdfPDF icon

For a succinct visual description of the requirements for the international business concentration, download the following:
Business Administration Overview  FlowchartPDF icon
International Business Concentration PDF icon Flowchart
International Business  Minor GuidePDF icon

For help with planning your courses, please see your advisor or the department office.

IBUS Information Documents:

Below is a set of helpful documents to lead a student through the IBUS concentration

 IBUS Student AdvicePDF icon
 International Business Course SchedulePDF icon

General University Requirements (GUR):

Several of your prerequisite and foundation courses also count as GURs. Look for classes in the course lists below that are labeled as "GUR" By planning your schedule properly you can reduce the total number of classes needed.

 Using GURs EffectivlyPDF icon