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International Business Concentration

Preparing Students for Global Careers

A management concentration prepares you to work with people in a variety of contexts. While other business disciplines focus on tasks for business, management focuses on how to motivate others to accomplish these tasks efficiently and effectively with high quality results. You will learn how to manage projects, work with teams, implement changes, and be an effective leader.

Why International Business?

An international business concentration prepares you to conduct business across borders in a variety of situations. Often combining some training in language and in other business areas, graduates will be able to manage business relationships that are central to the global business environment.

We also offer a minor in international business.

Why Study International Business?

  • Like to work with many types of people?
  • Want to use your interest in foreign cultures?
  • Like to get people together across borders for common goals?
  • Enjoy working with complicated problems and situations?

People with the necessary skills to conduct international business are vital to organizations now more than ever before. Globalization is pushing companies to find and hire people trained to conduct business in other countries. The international business concentration will provide you with the skills global companies are seeking.

What will I learn?

  • Liberal Arts education
  • Basic business skills
  • Integrated courses applying business skills to the international environment.
  • Functional area of business with international focus
  • Exposure to other areas in international economics, social sciences, and study aborad
  • Flexibility to match courses to your career plans

What will I experience?

  • Second language study, internship, or study abroad
  • Can combine with another major
  • Optional project course with local companies
  • International Business Club

What can I do with my International Business training?

  • Import/export management
  • Management of international 
    relationships between firms
  • International marketing
  • Law school or public administration
  • Join internationally active firms such as: financial institutions, retail firms, Peace Corps or NGOs

Still, there are many more careers available to a person with an international business education other than those listed above.

What are students saying?

My favorite class in the IBUS program was the one where we worked directly with local companies to help develop a strategy to get into a foreign market because it gave you contacts for the future.Hayley James, Alumni

The International Business program at Western engages and challenges its students to analyze and resolve real business challenges that are very relevant in today's globalized economy.Sebastian Kohlmeier, Alumni

I feel like I received a rounded education. I think the greatest thing is that I am interested in continuing to learn outside the classroom, especially when it comes to international issues.Kelsea DeCosta, Alumni