Department of Management

International Business Minor

The international business minor is designed for students who want to add an international business dimension to a major in another functional area, either in the College of Business and Economics or in one of the other majors at Western Washington University.

We also offer an international business major.

More about the IB Minor


The student who completes this minor will have (a) a general introduction to the cultural, institutional and regulatory structures necessary to engage in international business, (b) two courses that add more focused international knowledge, and (c) a course on the management and strategic issues in doing business internationally. Students from outside the College of Business and Economics will also acquire a basic knowledge of the ‘language’ of business and economics.
For more information on the International Business Minor download the I.B. Minor Planning Sheet.

Admission and Declaration Process

Students not already admitted to the College of Business and Economics must have a 2.50 GPA in all WWU courses including the following CBE courses: ECON 206, ACCT 240 and (ECON 207, MGMT 311 or MGMT 271).

Declaring of Minor

Students can declare the minor by completing the online IB Minor declaration form.



IB Minor in the 2014-15 Admissions Catalogue

Advisor Approved Course with International Content.