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CIB prides itself on its affiliation with authors of innovative publications, popular economic journals, and academic books, as well as for reports for business, government and non-profit research organizations, such as the Conference Board of Canada and the Fraser Institute.



Steven Globerman


A Policy Perspective on Outward Foreign Dirent Investment by Chinese State-Owned Enterprises, Frontiers of Economics in China Vol. 4 Issue 11, December 2016

Intellectual Property Rights and the Promotion of Biologics, Medical Devices, and Trade in Pharmaceuticals, The Fraser Institute, October 14, 2016

Warning for Canada - government red tape burdens U.S. productivity, Fraser Forum, May 31, 2016

Technological Change and Its Implications for Regulating Canada's Television Broadcasting Sector, The Fraser Institute, May 25, 2016

Government Protection of Domestic Communications as National Defense: Assessing Canadian Government Policies, American Review of Canadian Studies, February 2016

Patient user fees are compatible with universal health care, The Fraser Institute, January 27, 2016

Select Cost Sharing in Universal Health Care Countries, The Fraser Institute, January 2016

Transportation Costs and Trade Clusters: Some Empirical Evidence from U.S. Customs Districts, Research in Transportation Business & Management Systems Vol. 17, 2015, pp. 67-73 (with Paul Storer)

An Economic Assessment of the Investment Canada Act, The Fraser Institute, May 2015

“International Trade” In Robert Kolb, The Sage Encyclopedia of Business Ethics and Society (2015)

“Social Cost” in Robert Kolb, ed., The Sage Encyclopedia of Business Ethics and Society (2015)  

Host governments should not treat state-owned enterprises differently than other foreign investors,Columbia FDI Perspectives, No. 138, January 5, 2015

An Assessment of Future Bilateral Trade Flows and their Implications for U.S. Border Infrastructure, December 2014, BPRI Research Report No. 21 (with Paul Storer)

Regulation and the international competitiveness of U.S.-based companies, Competitiveness Review, Vol. 24 Iss: 5, pp. 378-392, 2014

The Entertainment Industries, Government Policies, and Canada's National Identity, The Fraser Institute, March 2014

Victor Z. Chen

A 'Prehistory' of Multinational Enterprises: Looking into the Past to Prepare the FutureInternational Business Perspectives, 14, 19-21

China Needs to Complement Its 'Going-Out' Policy with a 'Going-In' Strategy, (with Karl P. Sauvant),Columbia FDI Perspectives, No. 121, May 2014

Ownership Structure and Innovation: An Emerging Market Perspective, (with with Jing Li, Xiaoxiang Zhang and Daniel M. Shapiro),Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 31(1), 1-24

China's Regulatory Framework for Outward Foreign Direct Investment, (with Karl P. Sauvant),China Economic Journal, 7(1), 141-163

Jongwook Kim

Jongwook Kim. Forthcoming. Formal and Informal Governance in Biotechnology Alliances: Board Oversight, Contractual Control, and Repeated Deals. Industrial and Corporate Change.

Claire Lending

PDF icon Claire Lending - European board structure and director expertise.pdf, Research in International Business and Finance, September 2016

Christopher Sands

Canada Reaches Out to China, CSIS, August 30, 2016

Will the US and Canada start a trade war over lumber? The Hill, August 26, 2016

Can Canadians innovate? The Hill, June 1, 2016

Trudeau in Washington: Five Things to Watch,, March 10, 2016

The New China Syndrome: Waiting for United States Climate Action While Pursuing Economic GrowthEnergy Magazine, April, 2015

Has ISIS brutality shifted the political dynamics of terrorism?The Hill, March 17, 2015

What did Congress accomplish with the Keystone vote?The Hill, February 25, 2015

How the Elvis Presley Doctrine Blocked Keystone XLThe National Interest, January 2015

New GOP Congress changes Canada's expectations for the betterThe Hill, November 2014

Building a Better Canada - U.S. Energy Dialogue with Natural GasEnergy, March 17, 2014