Center for Innovation in Education


The Center for Innovation in Education is committed to enhancing education at Western Washington University's College of Business & Economics by fostering partnerships between business and the university.

This partnership is fostered through a variety of events including on campus speakers, mentorships as well as teaching awards. We encourage you to take advantage of CIE and participate in our next event.

Center for Economic and Business Research


The Center for Economic and Business Research at Western Washington University works in partnership with businesses, non-profits, government/quasi-governmental entities and tribal communities to respond to data and analysis needs.

The Center brings students and faculty together with each client to find solutions that inform, engage and encourage innovation.  Our work ranges from answering specific questions to creating the information platform that drives productive discussions.

Our work includes a variety of analysis documents, presentations and facilitated discussions backed by both primary and secondary research that is supported by academic standards and best practices.

Center for International Business


The Center for International Business (CIB) draws upon the talents of faculty at Western Washington University, as well as associates at various international academic institutions to produce academic seminars and symposia regularly held at the College of Business and Economics, papers and proceedings that are published and disseminated through its web site, the design of course and seminar curricula, and the delivery of seminars to senior decision-makers in business and government.

Center for Economic and Financial Education


The Center was established in the fall of 1978 with the objective of improving the quality and expanding the scope of economic education in the State of Washington. The Center is dedicated to the task of helping people increase their understanding of basic economic concepts and how our American economic system operates so that they can make more intelligent economic choices as consumers, producers and citizen/voters.

Center for Operations Research and Management Sciences


The Center for Operations Research and Management Science (CORMS) promotes international collaboration and networking to support OR and MS research. The Center provides a platform for research-oriented outreach activities such as publishing a working paper series, conducting a research seminar series, creating new research opportunities for senior undergraduate and graduate students to get involved in faculty-guided applied research projects, and conducting international symposiums, mini-conferences, or workshops on Operations Research/Management Science.