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CBE GPA Calculator

CBE GPA Calculator and Android Mobile App!

Now students can calculate CBE GPAs and MSCM Foundation GPAs instantly!  Students can also add classes and grades to forecast future GPAs.

(Please note that CHEM 121 has been renumbered and is now CHEM 161. This class will not be automatically included in the MSCM foundation calculations of the calculator. MSCM students will need to enter it manually.)

For the Mobile Application, go to this link. Download the app to your phone and use it to check your CBE GPA quarterly.

For the web-based calculator, download and install Chrome if you don’t already use it.

Go to the Chrome Web Store

Type “WWU” into the search box.

Select WWU CBE GPA Calculator and click “Add to Chrome” (upper right).

In Web4U, open your Academic History (unofficial transcript).

Click on the CBE GPA icon (upper right).

Click on the symbol highlighted here for instructions on how to use the CBE GPA Calculator.

Please note: the calculator is only as good as the operator--check to ensure the classes listed are accurate.