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Bachelor of Science in Accounting

160 credits (minimum)


Accounting data and information are used by organizations to plan, monitor, control, and report financial activity. Knowledge of accounting is necessary to understand the operation and financial condition of any business, non-profit organization, or governmental agency. The BS in Accounting curriculum provides an integrated coursework approach to prepare students to take the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam and also prepares students for a business environment that increasingly demands effective communication, critical thinking, understanding of diversity in the workplace, and the ability to analyze data.

Why Consider a Bachelor of Science in Accounting?

WWU’s Bachelor of Science in Accounting prepares students for success in professional accounting, which requires the CPA exam and 225 credits. Accounting majors are increasingly required to go beyond being the preparer of information and are being relied upon to provide insights from the data. This requires an increased knowledge of the business environment, technology, statistics, critical analysis, and strong communication. The BS in Accounting is unique in the blending of accounting with analysis-based business coursework, and an internship requirement. The students graduating from the program are uniquely prepared for successful careers in public and private accounting that increasingly require systems and financial analysis.

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BS, Accounting/Concentration Options

If you pursue the BS in Accounting, you have several concentration options. While each concentration is analysis focused, the areas of analysis differ. Each concentration requires you to apply to and be accepted by the concentration. Applications for the concentration are submitted to and administered by the Accounting Department.   

Economics Concentration - BS, Accounting/Economics Plan of Study 

The economics concentration studies resource allocation and the societal costs and benefits. Many societal issues (e.g. inequality, discrimination, pollution, energy) require economic thinking and analyses. You can tailor your economics concentration to a specific area of interest or focus on business analysis, planning, and forecasting. The BS Accounting/Economics concentration provides you with the skills to succeed in an analysis-driven environment.

Finance Concentration - BS, Accounting/Finance Plan of Study

The Finance concentration focuses on theories, concepts, and skills to help you make decisions using imperfect data. Finance and financial analysis rely on accounting information and are logical complements. The BS Accounting/Finance concentration provides you with the skills to succeed in analyzing accounting and financial data.

Financial Economics Concentration - BS, Accounting/Finance Economics Plan of Study

The Financial Economics concentration provides an understanding of core economic concepts and the functioning of the economy and financial markets. The emphasis is on developing students’ ability to apply economic and financial theory along with rigorous analysis and critical thinking to solve complex ambiguous problems. The BS Accounting/Financial Economics concentration provides unique and integrated skills that combine the best of accounting, economics, and finance.  

Management Information Systems Concentration - BS, Accounting/Management Information System Plan of Study

The Management Information System (MIS) concentration provides the skills to solve problems at the intersection of organizations, technology, and people. Students learn to analyze, develop, and implement information systems to enhance organizational effectiveness and efficiency. The BS Accounting/MIS concentration provides a combination of accounting skills and information system skills that are in high demand. Acceptance into the MIS concentration is competitive and follows a strict application deadline. Please see your advisor to discuss the requirements.

Operations Management Concentration - BS, Accounting/Operations Management Plan of Study

The Operations Management (OM) curriculum provides students with the skills to increase organizations’ operational effectiveness and efficiency. The OM curriculum and managerial accounting are natural complements. OM determines the resources necessary to complete a task or product, the most efficient method to obtain the resources, and the most effective way to deploy the resources to meet customers’ needs. The BS Accounting/OM concentration is a great choice for students to expand their opportunities beyond public accounting. Acceptance into the OPS concentration is competitive and follows a strict application deadline. Please see your advisor to discuss the requirements.