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College of Business & Economics

Accounting Internships

Accounting Internships

Internships offer a valuable way to gain work experience. You can sample potential careers, build your resume, and learn new skills during a well-chosen internship experience.


Nature of Work 

Academic credit will be available for a significant learning experience in the practical application of academic curriculum beyond that contained in normal undergraduate coursework. Internship credit will not be available for routine work, such as bookkeeping, or for VITA. Internship credit may not replace the required upper level accounting electives.


Before applying for an ACCT 490 internship, confirm you meet all of the following criteria:

  • CBE Major
  • Junior standing (minimum)
  • ACCT 341 Completed
  • Overall GPA: 2.75 in 300-400 level accounting classes
  • WWU Registered student

Credit Allowed

1-2 credits per quarter with a maximum of 2 credits per quarter.  Each credit consists of at least 40 hours of qualifying work.  Repeat proposals must apply to a unique work-related experience. Students can not receive retroactive internship credit for work done in the past. 


Internships are graded on a "S/U" scale. Note that internship credit will not replace a requirement or elective in the accounting program – no exceptions. It is the student's responsibility to make sure that all steps described below are completed. Inability to complete all steps may result in an unsatisfactory grade.

Steps to Receive Internship Credit 

See Internship Policy for full information.

  • Identify an employer or sponsor
  • Write a one-page proposal including a description of the nature of the work, its value to the accounting degree program, and a request for the number of credits (1-2).
  • Attach a one-page memo from the employer on employer letterhead that summarizes the work responsibilities of the student, including time to be spent for qualifying work.
  • Complete the Internship Agreement Form
  • Submit all documentation to the Internship Coordinator no later than the deadline.
  • Register for Accounting 490 during the registration period for the quarter in which the internship takes place.
  • At the end of internship, submit a one-page summary of the experience gained and attach the employer's assessment of performance.

Employer's Responsibility 

  • A one-page memo on employer letterhead summarizing the work responsibilities and time commitment of the student
  • Employer signature on the Internship Agreement following the approval of the Internship Coordinator
  • An assessment of the student's performance at the end of the internship quarter,  including information on the quality of work and that the student's responsibilities according to the original application have been accomplished.

Approval Process 

The proposal must be approved by the Internship Coordinator prior to the start of the work-related experience and the quarter in which the work will be done. See deadlines set by the department. A contract (Internship Agreement) between the student, employer, and Internship Coordinator will be completed upon approval of the proposal.

Additional Resources

Finding an Internship

Audrey Taylor, Department Chair & Internship Coordinator
Parks Hall PH 451A